Wednesday, May 8, 2013

No Heels On

Hello, Pretties!
I’ve decided to call my blog readers as ‘Pretties’. Because what… it’s more catchy than the plain ‘readers’. It’s fit with my blog title; The Pretty Reckless. And also… every woman in this world IS pretty.
Well, today in my grooming class, we practice draping—shaping a dress or cloth form from a long, long piece of fabric. The dress I wear use about 6 meters of satin. My friends shaped the dress with many, many, many clothes pins. They are very talented girls!
It’s a little heavy, but also as comfortable as ‘normal’ dress! I’m wearing a bustier and legging too inside the dress, so I’m covered from clothes pins needles, he he. So poor that I forgot to bring my high heels, so let’s call this ‘photoshoot’ as “No Heels On”!
If you don’t know which is me, I’m the one who wear the red dress.
What do you think, Pretties? I’m waiting for your comments or critics!