Sunday, January 8, 2012

Alice in Batikland

Hi all! It's the last day of holiday, so I feel like... yeah -.-
But hey, do you remember what I promised before? Yes, a post about batik. So here it is!
Well, actually the batik pieces are only a plain fabric. But I use safety pin and knots and hairpins to make it as dresses, tops, and skirts! Two fabrics into many pieces. Don't you love it???
And the bow I wear in my head was made with... tissue. Yes. Tissue. At first I want to make it from white fabric but I don't have one. So I looked around my bedroom ans I found... tissue. But the finished stuff is lovely, isn't it?
The blue batik is from Cirebon, my Grandpa hometown! The pattern's name is Mega Mendung, because it's like clouds. And the brown one is from Yogyakarta but I forget its name. Sowree! By the way, here's all the photos...
p. s.: want more batik? I will post many, as soon as possible, with different pattern and color too! :)


  1. Lovely idea and cute blog. Keep on doing it sweetie <3

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  2. i love mega mendung motive! i have mega mendung cardigan in red color =)

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  3. thanks =) follow you on bloglovin and google sweetie <3

  4. How creative! I loves when you wore as the dress, the blue one.

    Have a lovely week,
    Manu Luize.

  5. great idea! my favorite is when you wore mega-mendung batik as a dress :)